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Personal knowledge and self awareness as to what you are looking for in relationships and life are crucial to developing and keeping a healthy and loving relationship. I wouldn't want you to settle for anything less than you deserve.

Sue Tosto
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Dream Scape International

Confidence is Silent. It need not defend itself, it simply exists inside of you.

Welcome to Dream Scape International.

I want to focus on you, and what your needs are. Please take a tour of the site. We update and add content on a monthly basis. Our goal is to continue to build up resources and information for our visitors, to inform them in the best way possible about life issues and situations we deal with on a daily basis.

I would like to invite you to experience two (2) complimentary sessions. Each session is approximately 45 minutes. We can have sessions via IM, e-mail or by phone. It's totally up to you. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

I have included my Top 10 Tips for Having Control Over Your Life. People are becoming more and more aware these days that they have choices in life. Choices about, personal development, and emotional awareness. A coach will help you your personal life or in your professional life. A coach will listen to you and help you to get started towards the life you never even considered was a possibility.

Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Life Coach.

1. You will set far better goals that motivate you in a healthy way.
2. You'll learn how to set these goals into manageable steps, so you are not overwhelmed.
3. You'll recognize that you have choices in every area of your life.
>>see all the reasons...

How to get the most out of coaching

It is important to build a solid relationship with your coach in order to allow them to help you reach your full potential, make any changes in life you would like and/or sift through ideas together. Sometimes all a person really needs is to be heard, understood and validated in order to begin to feel free to make some adjustments in their life. Click here for more information about maximize our time together.

Dream Scape International sees the world through your eyes.

Our goals are to be the reflection of you and all that you do in your life. Our specialties are listed on the services page, however what you don't see there is how we care about you as a client. Each individual we work with is unique. You each have different expectations, life experience, personalities and so much more.

We strive to mirror your life back to you in a manner that helps you to slip into change and personal growth more comfortably. We help you to sift through your emotions and life circumstances in a manner that will assist you to move to the next level, emotionally and in how you communicate yourself to not only others, but yourself as well.

How well you know yourself is the primary key to personal growth. Please feel free to contact me for two initial consultations which last approximately 45 minutes each.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail. Responses are within 24/48 hours.

Please feel free to visit the Articles & Links page on our site for insightful thoughts and tips.

In order to serve you better, Dream Scape International works with independent consultants in a variety of different industries throughout the world. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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